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Behind every child who believes in themselves is a parent who believed first 

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How do I get my child to talk to me? 


Parents can engage our talents and from our understanding, we will list the possible ways to rekindle the bonds with your child by understanding the situation and advising accordingly.


Our Talents will also provide you with their perspectives on the mindsets of teenagers and provide ways to connect with them on a personal level to bridge the gap between you and your child.

Every session will cost $30 and last for 45 min.

 " The bond between a parent and child is the primary bond, the foundation for the rest of the child's life. The presence or absence of this bond determines much about the child's resiliency and what kind of adult they will grow up to be. "

~ Jane Fonda

 " The best thing a parent can give their child is their believe and unwavering support for their child's dreams. "

~ Your Easy Solution Admin

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