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Ages < 20 years old

Ages < 20 years old
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Lily Tan

I’m Lily, a 18 year old who is outgoing and friendly! Please feel free to talk to me about any problems that you are facing :)


I had a few sessions in secondary school conducted by the counsellor, counselling my peers as they often fought in class due do disagreements. I feel im a good listener and i enjoy the part where they feel relieved after sharing their problems with me. My friends often come to me ranting about their issue, and i would always be there for them.

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Shi Min

Helloo I’m Shi Min. I’m on a break from studies currently and doing pet sitting regularly! I’m known to be friendly, understanding, and patient. I am always enthusiastic to help people or just be there for them as a listening ear whenever needed. I love animals, art, and music. I like to make my free time a meaningful one, I would take the time to volunteer, help out in cat or animal rescues. I believe that helping others is the key to a happy life :)

IMG_20220627_131208 - gladys.jpg


kind, open minded and helpful. i am interested in talking and relating to someone

Ages 20 - 24 years old

Ages 20 - 24 years old

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Willing to listen and give my best opinion, works as a chef and am open to talk about anything! Would be giving you my personal view on all your problems.

Hui Yin

A Singapore Polytechnic Maritime Business student. Interested in economics and managing finances. Daily must do thing will be having at least a shot of an interesting thing that happens in my life thus interested in photography as well! Love listening to peoples problems or anything I can give my opinions on as well as connecting with new people. Positive, bubbly and not judgemental!


hello! my favourite pastime is watching netflix and hanging out with my friends, i am always down to listen to your problems be ur big or small. i’m friendly and outgoing so don’t be scared to hmu! :D


23 years old working full time as a sales coordinator. Has hobby for dancing and singing. Graduated from NAFA PT dance.


Hi, I'm Shaik currently studying in SIM Business Management. I'm friendly, funny and an easy-going person. I am always eager to assist others or simply provide a listening ear when they are in their tough time. I believe the happiest people are the ones who make others happy. We're all in the same game, just different levels. Dealing with the same hell, just different devils.


Lover of Bikes, Yamaha 125z Riders, Indie Game Developer, Love to Design Video Games, Love to start a business to be a entrepreneur myself in the future and Love to Pilot a small propeller aircraft one day.

Tabitha Chua

Hello, I'm Tabitha, and I'm currently a year 1 NUS student under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS)! 


I am currently an Undergraduate studying Business Management in a local university! Being extremely passionate about social causes, I am a frequent volunteer in external organisations and try my best to give back to the community in my free time. Outside of school, I also give private tuition to 2 lovely primary school kids, including one who has special needs. I love bringing joy to the people around me and am more than happy to do so!

Ages 25 - 29 years old

Ages 25 - 30 years old
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大家好我是 Kristy! A listening ear is a gift that people need, but are often afraid to ask for. 虽然我可能想不出十全十美的解决方案,但我会给你我的时间 and a sense of companionship to get pass this emotional time for you.


Graduated from Ite Nursing course and work for 3 years :) currently studying at NYP in a medical course. Started working when I was 16 years old in. A fashion retail store. Grew up in a big family households

Ages 30 > years old

Ages 30 > years old
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Your Easy Solution Jacq .jpg
MTXX_20220305100634_mh1646446273908 - Shalyn Khor_edited.jpg


Hi my name is Jess! I've worked a few years in the event industry. I love travelling (covid booooo!) and watching youtube videos, especially Youtubers in Taiwan, MY and SG.


Have always been a good listening ears to my friends. Very patient.

Jacq Ang

Hi! My name is Jacqueline. I am INFJ, type 2 enneagram. I enjoy helping people


Chatty foodie who loves singing and travelling. Feel free to rant to me about the problems that you are facing. 

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